Browsing a Trail of Thought

For about an hour, I kept track of every link I clicked on and where it send me while I was browsing. The result is a picture of not only the path that I took on the internet, but also is reflective of my thoughts while I was browsing. What had started as a simple…

Video Games in Education

Keeping up the theme about improvements to education in the near future, I am shifting my focus to video games in education. Most in particular, the use of video games in the teaching of history. The problem with teaching history is the focus by its educators to “remember” history. The focus of teaching history should…

Happy (Associative) Trails to You

Although #TWP15 has ended its formal run, the network lives on (I hope!), and so I’m going to keep blogging about this WordPress based course, How the Web Works. It also occurred to me after today’s class meeting that sometimes it would be a helpful practice to blog about a particular meeting as a reflective exercise, to think out loud, and to capture a bit of what transpired to help clarify my own thinking. I realized toward the end of our time today that we were on an “associative” trail that was largely serendipitous and unpredictable. An associative trail, for those new … Read more