Smarter Than You Think

In the reading of “Smarter Than you Think” I found it interesting when Thompson discusses how much we actually rely on technology nowadays to the point that we need these devices. It caught my attention when the author spoke to the grad student and told us the story of the design expert that found himself […]

associative trial

This assignment I decided to begin at a post made by Donald Trump on his website. I did that because as a political science major he fascinates me. This man has no political back ground what so ever and is running a fantastic campaign polls wise while saying some pretty outlandish things. Through following links…

DS106 – 2: Find a Digital Tool

Have you ever been looking for a song on iTunes, Spotify, or Soundcloud so you can download it, but the only place you could find it is on YouTube? Well with the YouTube-to-mp3 converter, you can turn any YouTube video into a mp3 file so that you can finally put that song on your phone. […]

Google Translate Fail

Other than actually learning a language, Google Translate is the option that most people choose when trying to break the language barrier. Its great for getting the summary of an article, but should not be used in place of an actual translator (most of this is pretty well known for most patrons of the internet). […]