Avengers: Endgame

I have been excited for this movie for months, and so it seems has the rest of the world. This 3 hour and 2 minutes movie is a milestone. It’s the film equivalent of an event comic (before event comics got watered down into cash grabs). It’s the end of the first era of the … Continue reading Avengers: Endgame

Review: Missing Link

This is going to be a short one since I’m busy today, but I felt that I should recommend to all you that you should all go see Missing Link. I know you’re probably saving money for Avengers: Endgame, believe me I am too. However, Laika has once again made a really good claymation movie … Continue reading Review: Missing Link

Trivia: Strange Origins

This is gonna be a bit of a short one since I’m working a bit on taxes, but sometimes in life we run into some strange connections and origins. Something you think is completely original actually has some fascinating inspiration behind it. One series I greatly enjoy is Boku No Hero Academia and I just … Continue reading Trivia: Strange Origins

Trivia: The Tinderbox

Alright, haven’t done any fairy tale trivia yet. This is a pretty obscure tale from the great Hans Christian Anderson. While he’s known for classics like The Little Mermaid and The Ugly Duckling, he also has some really weird ones. This is definitely a questionable one. Let’s begin with a quick telling of the tale, … Continue reading Trivia: The Tinderbox