Happy (Associative) Trails to You

Although #TWP15 has ended its formal run, the network lives on (I hope!), and so I’m going to keep blogging about this WordPress based course, How the Web Works. It also occurred to me after today’s class meeting that sometimes it would be a helpful practice to blog about a particular meeting as a reflective exercise, to think out loud, and to capture a bit of what transpired to help clarify my own thinking. I realized toward the end of our time today that we were on an “associative” trail that was largely serendipitous and unpredictable. An associative trail, for those new … Read more

Still Under Construction…but Starting to Take Shape

So we’re up and running with How the Web Works, my summer course hosted on WordPress. It’s definitely experimental, underdeveloped, emergent, and…messy! With one student (Chris) enrolled, it’s also sort of a paradox, as we try to co-construct a course that has principles of collaboration, peer-instruction, and connected learning baked in. But hey, we all play with the cards we are dealt, right? So far, to be honest, my focus hasn’t really been on the WordPress platform as such, but on getting a clearer sense of the conceptual map of the course (on the macro level) and on designing relevant … Read more

Getting Started With Open Pedagogy

So my summer course, “How the Web Works: Building Your Digital Identity, Literacy, and Network,” starts next week for a seven-week run at Austin College. Strictly speaking, it’s not an “online” course…we don’t do those at Austin College. And we don’t really do “hybrid” or “blended” courses, either. We’re a small liberal arts college, and one of our signature themes is a high-touch interactive relationship among faculty and students. So while I’m working with the new initiative in digital pedagogy, it’s not a matter of trading class time for screen time, but rather of augmenting f2f with digital resources. Right … Read more

Hello #TWP15

Hi everyone, this is Mo Pelzel and this is my first post for the online course Teaching With WordPress. This course comes at a perfect time for me, as I am preparing a summer course, “How the Web Works: Building Your Digital Identity, Literacy, and Network,” which starts next week and runs for seven weeks at Austin College. So I’m blogging here on the site of that course. It’s a first time offering, so very experimental, so why not try out WP as a platform?