Option 2 DS-106

For the second option I did the BuzzFeed Quiz. I was asked various questions like my favorite book, my reaction to hearing a sound in the bush, my type of cat. My result was Sasha Kellogg and this is my description You are fun-loving and full of spirit. You are willing to be anyone’s friend … Continue reading

Beyond the ClassMates.

If you didn’t already know, I am a huge computer science nerd, for my connected blogs I decided to start of with a computer science blog off course. I decided to use Matt.Might first, it seems almost perfect, there is a blog there for advice on computer science majors, and what every programmer needs to know, … Continue reading

Classmate Connect.

In reality, Trump’s knowledge of business and money may be our only hope to save America from debt. Trump cares about the people in America, which explains his remarks on illegal immigrants, or people who take away from the potential America could reach.” Interesting thought about it, on one hand Trump does have valuable experience, on the … Continue reading

Knowledge artifact.

Take a look at my Prezi first. In creating my artifact, I wanted to use something that really interested me. Computer programming really interests me, it is something that interests me and has for a very long time. I explained that I picked up computer programming at a very young age, I self taught the language … Continue reading

Why should I be blogging?

The author of the article does bring up some fairly good points asking why aren’t we blogging, but why should I be blogging? Is blogging really that important? Does my opinion matter that much to blog about it? I actually thought about blogging several times this past year, but then it always occured to me that my 140 … Continue reading

25 things you might not know about the web on its 25th birthday.

There where so many things that intrigued me about  this article, I would like to share some of them. The idea that not everything on the internet is free or open is very true, but I also think this statement is over exaggerated. Today the biggest web corporations use open source including Google, Facebook and Twitter, … Continue reading