Module 5: DS 106 Assgn.

For the DS106 assignment, I did the one about Google Translate (of course). Basically, the assignment was to find some text in a foreign language (preferably one you know) somewhere on the web, copy/paste it into Google Translate, then laugh heartily about how awful it is (and also write up a better translation and/or explain […]

Module 4 Nugget

「ナゲットをわって、父ちゃん!」   “Do you know what you were thinking about on a date, like, say September 30, 2005? I will wait. See if you can recall. Are you having trouble> I don’t becaue [sic] I have an outdoor brain — that was a blog heavy day).” This passage really resonated with me–especially the concept […]

Module 3: Nugget #2

“It has been jokingly suggested several times during the course of this study that what we are seeking is an “intelligence amplifier.” (The term is attributed originally to W. Ross Ashby. At first this term was rejected on the grounds that in our view one’s only hope was to make a better match between existing […]