Module 6: Final Essay — “Smarter Than You Think”

I really appreciated how Thompson started off the article by recounting a history of technological progress and the fears that it produced. Especially, I like that he included the anecdote about Socrates worrying that writing would destroy the tradition of verbal debate, since that example demonstrates very well the silliness of a lot of fears […]

Module 5: DS 106 Assgn.

For the DS106 assignment, I did the one about Google Translate (of course). Basically, the assignment was to find some text in a foreign language (preferably one you know) somewhere on the web, copy/paste it into Google Translate, then laugh heartily about how awful it is (and also write up a better translation and/or explain […]

Language Learning Resources

I know I’ve made a few posts dealing with the topic of language learning already, but here are some good resources in case anyone is interested:   Websites: Duolingo LingQ Wiktionary /r/languagelearning Memrise   Books: TeachYourself Living Language   YouTube channels: laoshu505000 poliglotta80 torbyrne polyglotpal

Module 5: Further Blogs to Follow

Since my career is in a STEM field, I searched for other blogs focusing on science and technology for this assignment. Some of these are blogs I already knew about but never really followed that closely. Others are ones that I had to search for for this assignment. Pharyngula, by PZ Myers, a blog covering […]

Module 5: Connecting to Classmates

“…I picked up computer programming at a very young age, I self taught the language to myself because there really wasn’t any other option for me, Nigeria did not have a ton of resources and the internet opportunity was really limited, I figured my only option really was to watch youtube videos.” — Adoba Yua […]

Module 4: Translating for Wikipedia

Instead of writing my own original Wikipedia article or adding to another, I decided I would try translating an existing Wikipedia article from another language into English. Although English Wikipedia is by far the largest version, there are still some articles on obscure topics that need translation into English. I actually came up with this […]

Knowledge Artifact: Polyglottery

Here is the PowerPoint presentation I made on the topic of language learning. I chose this topic because I’ve been meaning to write something about learning foreign languages to this blog, as it’s a passion and hobby of mine. Also, I thought it might be helpful to add some information for anyone who might be considering […]

Module 4 Nugget

「ナゲットをわって、父ちゃん!」   “Do you know what you were thinking about on a date, like, say September 30, 2005? I will wait. See if you can recall. Are you having trouble> I don’t becaue [sic] I have an outdoor brain — that was a blog heavy day).” This passage really resonated with me–especially the concept […]

Module 3: Nugget #2

“It has been jokingly suggested several times during the course of this study that what we are seeking is an “intelligence amplifier.” (The term is attributed originally to W. Ross Ashby. At first this term was rejected on the grounds that in our view one’s only hope was to make a better match between existing […]