DS 106 assignment #2

Have you ever wanted to get into someones phone to mess with them or to see what they may be hiding from you? This simple video will teach you how to unlock someone’s iPhone without their password. Unfortunately, this will only work on and iPhone. ———————————————————————————————————————————– As you probably figured out from the video, that […]

ds 106 assignment

For my ds 106 assignment I chose to do this assignment. I was browsing all the assignments and all of them didn’t seem too enjoyable to me. There weren’t many assignments that caught my eye until I fell upon the google translate assignment. I decided to choose this assignment because of its “fun” factor. The […]

Connect Assignment

I found this blog via facebook through a facebook friend: http://overundergrad.tumblr.com/ . This blog is particularly helpful for me because of what I want to do in terms of studies which is pre med. This blog helps with understanding the new MCAT which is going to be very important for me when I take it. This […]

Wiki Editing Article

For my editing Wikipedia page I decided to choose the A.B.C vehicle. I wasn’t really sure where to start regarding what article I wanted to choose and so I kept clicking the “random article” button which led me to several pages. I stopped until I found the page for the vehicle and decided to expand on […]

Connecting to Classmates

I agree with Bush when he says specialization is necessary for progress because if you focus on getting better in one discipline then you will be the best at that. Rather than being mediocre at multiple disciplines. -Josh Jones Nugget # 2 I’ve heard this many times over and I very much agree with this. […]

Knowledge Artifact

I decided to do my knowledge artifact post about something related to medicine, which is what I am and have been interested in as my field of study; however, since “medicine” in itself is such a broad target I decided to narrow it down to something more specific and I came to Alzheimer’s Disease. I […]

Nugget 3

Finally, Hodgkinson-Williams and Gray (2009) discuss “social openness”: “the willingness to make materials available beyond the confines of the classroom by lecturers, students and university management” (p. 105). Social openness not only involves making teaching materials available to a wider audience, but also engaging in more collaborative activities among students, between students and instructors, and […]

Nugget Assignment 2

The web is largely powered by huge server farms located all over the world that need large quantities of electricity for computers and cooling. (Not to mention the carbon footprint and natural resource costs of the construction of these installations.) Nobody really knows what the overall environmental impact of the web is, but it’s definitely […]