“Smarter than you think”

Clive Thompson, the author of the book “Smarter than you think”, provides an insight detail of different aspects of technology that affect our lives. It is focused on our future with technology. The concern about the ability of computers to improving our memory, thus leaving us being depended upon its ability. He starts off by

Alternative DS106 for Story Map Journal

For this DS106 assignment. I am required to write a blog post about my dream vacation. I chose the amazon jungle. I’ve always been enthusiastic about exploring wilderness and learning wildlife biology. I want to know about animals and their behavior. I personally love exotic animals like parrots, flamingos. My favorite animal is phoenix. Its

Wikipedia Contribution

For the Wikipedia contribution assignment, I wrote a short article on creating shelter form the recycled or used materials. The article is up for editing, revising, and commenting. The experience that i had with Wiki helped me learn more about how to write an article and edit someone else’s entry. I had to go through

Blogs beyond class

The following five blog websites are known to be the best at blogging about politics. Since my major is politics and business, I chose these blog websites because throughout my experience, I learned a lot from them. In some of my political science classes, I was given the opportunity to research about world affairs and political

DS106 Assignment

I chose this assignment because I thought that it is fun and imaginative. The assignment requires you to come up with a fake resume for a fake person living in a fake place with fake experience. So, I came up with a very difficult person. This person is so difficult that no one can believe

Classmate Blog Reference

There are multiple ways now, we no longer paint pictures on the side of a cave wall. The world is expanding its communication but also expanding its collection of that information so people must be careful when writing or posting online. Too much information can be found about a certain person, so search yourself on google

the Nugget 3 assignment

When you send someone, or a group, some useful resource, or an idea via email, how many people gain from that? Is that information easily recoverable? Addressable? Email is the black hole of information, it is where ideas go to shrivel up and die. Alan Levine, “The Question Should Be, Why You Are ‘Not’ Blogging”

The second nugget assignment

12 The web has unleashed a wave of human creativity Before the web, “ordinary” people could publish their ideas and creations only if they could persuade media gatekeepers (editors, publishers, broadcasters) to give them prominence. But the web has given people a global publishing platform for their writing (Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, Tumbler), photographs (Flickr, Picasa,


The three contributions to the timeline are: Wikipedia Facebook is created Twitter is created I think that the creation of Wikipedia is more important. Throughout the experiences that I had with high school and college, Wikipedia was a very helpful tool for me to research and learn about things. I think the same was applicable