Narrative Essay on Smarter Than You Think

After reading chapters 5-10 of Clive Thompson’s “Smarter Than You Think” I learned a lot about peoples memory and how some people think it has changed over time with the internet. When Thompson was talking about memory and how we don’t remember things as much as we used too. he said this because we can […]

Ds Assignment #2

For this Ds assignment I decided to make a newsletter for a fictional Renting house company. I decided to do this because my grandpa has a rent house company and I would be interested in taking that over. To make this newsletter I used the vertical response website. I used the snipping tool to crop […]

Wikipedia Edit

I have always looked at Wikipedia to find information for school projects even if my teacher told the class not too. This has nothing to do with me editing an article on Wikipedia I just thought it was time for me to confess that. I never new the reason that my teachers were telling me […]

Other Blogs

These are the other blogs that I would like to follow for personal learning . The first one that I would like to follow is This helpful to me because they post different things about current events in soccer, whether that be interviews with players, information about cleats, or even how designs in soccer […]

Connecting to Classmates

Looking at his nugget is from Alan Levine’s article, “The Question Should be: Why Are You *Not* Blogging”. I took this excerpt from Major’s nugget #3. “it pulls me in because it points out how we consume and reuse information on the web and gives the fact that blogging would be contributing your own piece […]

Knowledge Artifact

As I as thinking about what I was going to choose to be my knowledge artifact I first thought about doing something that pertained to soccer. Then I thought about it and said let me find something that deals with my major. So I thought about multiple ideas in the Business field. Then I came up […]

Nugget #3

This nugget is from “The 5 Elements Of Working Out Loud” by John Stepper. “Though the most important part of working out loud is actually doing it rather than wrangling over a definition, a part of changing how people work is making them aware there are better ways to begin with. And that includes a […]

Nugget #2

This Nugget is from ” As We May Think” by Vannevar Bush. “There is a growing mountain of research. But there is increased evidence that we are being bogged down today as specialization extends. The investigator is staggered by the findings and conclusions of thousands of other workers—conclusions which he cannot find time to grasp, […]

Timeline contribution

The events that I included in our classes History of the Web timeline were the founding of PayPal, the release of FireFox, and the release of PHP. In 1998 PayPal was founded so that people could send money in a safer way on auction sites like ebay. PayPal has made it easier for developers to […]