the last melon

This is my very last post for JanTerm 2016! It was actually pretty fun, and hopefully I’ll keep this blog up so continue to follow along if you’d like! Anyway, for this assignment I had to read chapters 5-10 of Smarter Than You Think by Clive Thompson (which was actually a really interesting book that I’d recommend, […]

my classmates are deep man

For this installment in my JanTerm blogs, I’m commenting on three of my classmates blogs and adding some of my ideas to what they’ve been saying. Anjali wrote her third nugget post on the same article that I did! Maybe it’s just a good article, because it seems like everyone wrote about that one. Anyway, in her […]


Hey! So for my JanTerm class, we were assigned to contribute to the Wikipedia community by adding a significant contribution to an article. For my project, I chose to contribute to two articles! The first article I added to was the Nacogdoches, Texas article. I added information on the first oil well to the History section of this page. […]

a blog is a blog, of course

Here is another nugget of thought from me, directly to you. This one I got from this blog by Alan Levine, and it’s helped me get a little more comfortable in my blogging! He writes So for me, blogging is not about writing for other people (though with syndication and truly open networks, it is a […]

nugget number two

This is my second nugget post for JanTerm, and this nugget is one from an essay by Ted Nelson on computer literacy and media on the web. Nelson writes that Computers are simply a necessary and enjoyable part of life, like food and books. Computers are not everything, they are just an aspect of everything, and not […]

Timeline Contributions

Yesterday we worked on a collaborative timeline of the history of the web, and this post is to talk about my contributions to that timeline. My contributions were the slides “Mosaic Comes to Life,” “A Dot-Com Bubble” and “The First YouTube Video.” For our assignment, we’re discussing the significance of one of these contributions, and I’ll be […]