Connecting to Classmates Blog Post

Ok, so this is another assigned post, I promise I’ll put some trivia up soon to break up the monotony. But anyway, on with the post! As a quick side note to my fellow bloggers, don’t forget to use the “read more” feature. It helps navigate between posts and your readers will thank you for … Continue reading Connecting to Classmates Blog Post

Love at First Fight

The second short story for this blog. Time to mix things up a bit! Since I gave you all something suspenseful, full of horror and gore, this time I’ve decided to present one of my more feel-good short stories to show I can cover more than just one genre. This story is really short because I … Continue reading Love at First Fight

Trivia: Jacob’s Lucky he Didn’t Have to Wrestle any of These Angels

So, after yesterday’s trivia about the angel Gabriel, I got curious about the expanded angelic lore of Judeo-Christian-Islamic mythology. I’ve skimmed through it a couple of times before and even that experience led to some weird discoveries. This time however, I stumbled across somethings that made my jaw drop several times. I’m sure we’ve all … Continue reading Trivia: Jacob’s Lucky he Didn’t Have to Wrestle any of These Angels

Second Nugget Assignment

“12 The web has unleashed a wave of human creativity Before the web, “ordinary” people could publish their ideas and creations only if they could persuade media gatekeepers (editors, publishers, broadcasters) to give them prominence. But the web has given people a global publishing platform for their writing (Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, Tumblr), photographs (Flickr, Picasa, … Continue reading Second Nugget Assignment

Trivia: A Godly Force Needs a Flaming Horse of Course

In my first post on this site, I mentioned that the Archangel Gabriel possessed a flaming horse. It is hard to find mention of this horse anywhere except Wikipedia, but with a bit of internet elbow grease he can be found. The horse Haizum, according to some Islamic traditions, was given to God’s gift to … Continue reading Trivia: A Godly Force Needs a Flaming Horse of Course

Subscribers Here I Come!

After some work I finally got a subscription system set up for my website! Woot!
If you want to receive email notifications whenever I post something new, just go ahead and sign up. I promise its completely free.
Short story post soon to come. Keep it …

“Nugget” Asignment

“Often when schools talk to students about their presence on the Web, they do so in terms of digital citizenship: what students need to know in order to use technology “appropriately.” Schools routinely caution students about the things they post on social media, and the tenor of this conversation — particularly as translated by the media — is often … Continue reading “Nugget” Asignment