Smarter Than You Think

In the reading of “Smarter Than you Think” I found it interesting when Thompson discusses how much we actually rely on technology nowadays to the point that we need these devices. It caught my attention when the author spoke to the grad student and told us the story of the design expert that found himself […]

Wikipedia Assignment

For my Wikipedia assignment I chose to edit an article on the background information on how Future and DJ Esco’s mixtape 56 nights was originated. I learned that you cannot just get up and begin editing Wikipedia articles out of the blue. It took me a good amount of time to research and collect information […]

DS106 Assignment Bank #2: Character Resume

  Name: Victor Williams Date of Birth: 09/20/1985 Height:6’2 Weight: 175 lbs Hometown: Temecula, CA Work History: Full time construction manager at Big Cat Construction from 2010-present, Seasonal UPS driver helper from 2014-present, Plumber for ACE plumbing from 2005-2010 Education: Graduated from John Bay high school in 2004, Industrial Engineering Technology degree from ITT Tech […]

Connecting to Classmates Blogpost

Analyzing Josh’s nugget #3 from the article, “The 5 Elements Of Working Out Loud” by John Stepper I found the quote he chose particular interesting when it began talking about working aloud rather than being stuck over a definition or how to start a project. The quote he chose was, “Though the most important part […]

Knowledge Artifact

In the process of composing my knowledge artifact I researched and gained more information then I already had on the fall of Enron. I decided to choose Enron because the rise and fall of the company really intrigued me and I am also a Houston native and would remember driving by their large building many […]

Timeline of the Web

To our history of the web timeline I contributed historic moments in the development of the web such as April 30, 1993 when CERN announced that the World Wide Web would be available to use freely for all relinquishing all intellectual property rights. On august 26, 2006 the now dominant general purpose JavaScript framework jQuery […]