Second DS106 Assignment

My second DS106 Assignment is about making a pinterest board of what my dream vacation would be like. I’ve always been fond of animals and so I would go to an african safari as my dream vacation. While going to the zoo is similar, I’d really like to see animals in their natural habitat. I […]

DS106 Assignment

The DS106 Assignment I chose to do was to make a pinterest board for a character. I chose Hermione Granger from the Harry  Potter series. I’ve been a big fan of the Harry Potter series and I thought it would be really fun to make a board for one my personal favorite characters. When I […]

Wikipedia Post

My wikipedia contribution was to the Woodmen’s Circle Home in Sherman, Texas. I chose this because Wikipedia did not have an article about it and so it made it easier to write about. Other topics that I looked up were more difficult to fulfill because there was already enough information provided. I first found a couple […]

Connecting to People

“The longer a person has to write something, the more time they have to edit it and change up their true purpose in order to conform to what they feel like their readers will approve. In the midst of all these edits, the readers original voice is lost to conformity.” (Roshaan Singh) I agree with […]

Knowledge Artifact

My knowledge artifact is about how the foods we eat affect our behavior, or the food-mood connection. I have always been interested in how the brain works, but more specifically in how we can manipulate the brain to change the way we feel on the outside. A good variable to test, and the more favorited, […]

Nugget Assignment #3

A common understanding of “open” is “free,” as in free of cost, or what Hodgkinson-Williams and Gray (2009) call “financial openness.” This is the meaning one might immediately think of as associated with Massive, Open, Online Courses. These are courses that are available for anyone with a reliable internet connection to take, free of cost.[1] Financial […]

Nugget Assignment #2

“The thing that is most extraordinary about the internet is the way it enables permissionless innovation. This stems from two epoch-making design decisions made by its creators in the early 1970s: that there would be no central ownership or control; and that the network would not be optimised for any particular application: all it would do is […]

History of the Web

My three contributions to the timeline were Myspace, eBay, and the iTunes music store. The iTunes music store has played a significant role because it was the first music store where music and other digital media could be downloaded legally. Before iTunes, websites like Napster were used to obtain digital media, but illegally. iTunes revolutionized […]

Nugget Assignment

“Six years was a long time to be in jail, but it is an entire era online. Writing on the internet had not changed, but reading – or, at least, getting things read – had altered dramatically. I’d been told how essential social networks had become, so I tried to post a link to one […]