Importance of the web

Recently, our class was instructed to contribute to shared-knowledge timeline, in which everyone had to contribute three items of significant events in the internet’s history. For this assignment, I decided to find some fundamentals of the internet that would have been important to the technology we have today. The three events that I had found […]

Condensing the Web

Even before I had made any presence on the web or on social media, I had an idea that the condensing of information into easily accessible tidbits or video, that are made popular by social media, were the future. It was largely the only internet that I had ever known and it seemed to make […]

Exploring the web

There is a type of writing called “stream of consciousness” where the author records any and all thoughts that come to his head; it is effective in developing what the priorities are in a writer. Our latest project in “how the web works” was to translate this into the web and follow any links and […]

Currently on the web

As per assignment, I was instructed to do a vanity search of myself on the internet and the results were fairly interesting. It was interesting because I had believed myself to have a fairly limited presence on the web prior to this year, but upon searching, this was not the case. The first site that […]

About the Author

This being my first website, I thought there was no better way to start than to introduce myself for the viewers. As the site implies, I am Ryan Knesek. I was born, raised and graduated from Frisco, Texas, but now reside in Sherman, Texas in order to attend Austin College in pursuit of a Business […]