“Knowledge Artifact”: A Brief History of Fanfiction

A Brief History of Fanfiction is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. A Brief History of Fanfiction It’s not as if I think anyone would ever want to copy this, right? It’s pretty slipshod. I hesitated over the Creative Commons licenses, thinking to myself, well it’s not as though I want to … Continue reading ““Knowledge Artifact”: A Brief History of Fanfiction”

“Nugget Assignment #3”: Half-Baked At Most

Blogging should be conversational. It should be half baked. Or less. It should (in my case) contain typos –because it is not meant to be (IMHO) a published journal article- it is your own personal thinking, shared out loud. If you are spending that long writing a blog post, then you are wasting time. And … Continue reading ““Nugget Assignment #3”: Half-Baked At Most”

“Nugget Assignment #2”: The Past is a Foreign Country

Moreover, they will be far more versatile than present commercial machines, so that they may readily be adapted for a wide variety of operations. They will be controlled by a control card or film, they will select their own data and manipulate it in accordance with the instructions thus inserted, they will perform complex arithmetical … Continue reading ““Nugget Assignment #2”: The Past is a Foreign Country”

“Timeline Post”

So we made this thing… If you’re reading this blog, then you’re probably part of that “we,” but do you know which parts are mine? Well, okay, they’re the ones tagged with my initials, so that should be obvious… Specifically, I wrote slides about CYCLADES, coining the term “surfing the Internet,” and the first RFC. I think … Continue reading ““Timeline Post””

“Nugget Assignment”: The All-Seeing Eyes

More or less all theorists have thought of gaze in relation to power, and mostly in a negative sense: the gazer strips the gazed and turns her into a powerless object, devoid of intelligence or agency. But in the world of webpages, gaze functions differently: it is more empowering. When a powerful website – say … Continue reading ““Nugget Assignment”: The All-Seeing Eyes”

“Associative Trails” Post: Found Poetry

Perhaps my mistake lay in picking something too concrete–not really “an idea or a theme”–but I decided to read about sonnets. I am an English major; I write poetry sometimes. Starting on Wikipedia was the obvious thing, but it sounded like an equally obvious dead-end. A simple Google search led me to a collection of … Continue reading ““Associative Trails” Post: Found Poetry”