A Wikipedia Experience

In this past January Term, I had the opportunity to learn how edit articles on Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia. It was definitely an experience unlike any other that I had. From editing the Wikipedia articles, I came to understand the importance of expanding on factual information. Going through the tutorial, I realized that there are […]

Drawing Connections From Blogs

Recently, I’ve been surfing many of my classmate’s blog posts. Naturally, like with many websites, the content and opinions expressed were all very fascinating. Most of the posts had a personality to them that really spoke for what each of them believed. One of the more interesting topics for me while reading the posts was […]

Looking Back at the “Dynabook”-A Precursor to Smartphones and Mobile Devices of Today

“Devices” which variously store, retrieve, or manipulate information in the form of messages embedded in a medium have been in existence for thousands of years. People use them to communicate ideas and feelings both to others and back to themselves. Although thinking goes on in one’s head, external media serve to materialize thoughts and, through […]