DS106 – 2: Find a Digital Tool

Have you ever been looking for a song on iTunes, Spotify, or Soundcloud so you can download it, but the only place you could find it is on YouTube? Well with the YouTube-to-mp3 converter, you can turn any YouTube video into a mp3 file so that you can finally put that song on your phone. […]

“Smarter Than You Think” Narrative

Thompson’s example of how a human/machine team would consistently beat a team of only computers or a team of only humans really exemplified how the world is today with technology. The symbiotic relationship between man and machine is what drives humanity forward to it’s next evolutionary stage. Symbiosis has been the driving force for evolution […]

DS106: Google Translate Fail

I chose to do the Google Translate Fail DS106 assignment because it looked like it would be entertaining to do, plus Google Translate is notorious for it’s incorrect translations so I wanted to experience that firsthand. I decided to translate something with a lot of words, so I searched for the Russian version of the […]

Connecting to Other Blogs

THAT NERDY SCIENCE GUY The Pre-Med Blog Kicks On Fire   The first two links are blogs that deal with all the aspects of being a pre-med student, from undergraduate courses to medical school interviews. These blogs will aid me in my journey at Austin College to become a doctor while still retaining some of […]

Wikipedia Assignment

My Wikipedia contribution The experience I had using Wikipedia to contribute to an article was something very eye-opening. Editing a piece of information that had been created by other people made me feel like I was a part of something much greater in the sense that anyone can edit an article if they have something […]

Connecting to Classmates

“There are unfortunately no known methods to prevent or treat the disease.Finding this information was hard and easy at the same time. Easy because it is a widely sought after topic and so there is a lot of work on it and could be easily found via google. It was also hard because of the […]

Module 4: Knowledge Artifact

Necrotizing Fasciitis   My knowledge artifact is on something I’m extremely interested – medicine. My specific topic is necrotizing fasciitis, AKA flesh-eating disease. The extreme cases of medicine, such as flesh-eating virus, have always intrigued me so I decided to make a presentation on a specific instance of extreme medicine. Throughout my research I ran […]

Module 4: Nugget 3

“Blogging should be conversational. It should be half baked. Or less. It should (in my case) contain typos –because it is not meant to be (IMHO) a published journal article- it is your own personal thinking, shared out loud. If you are spending that long writing a blog post, then you are wasting time. And […]

Module 3: Nugget 2

“2 The web is not the internet Although many people (including some who should know better) often confuse the two. Neither is Google the internet, nor Facebook the internet. Think of the net as analogous to the tracks and signalling of a railway system, and applications – such as the web, Skype, file-sharing and streaming […]