Module 4: Knowledge Artifact

Necrotizing Fasciitis   My knowledge artifact is on something I’m extremely interested – medicine. My specific topic is necrotizing fasciitis, AKA flesh-eating disease. The extreme cases of medicine, such as flesh-eating virus, have always intrigued me so I decided to make a presentation on a specific instance of extreme medicine. Throughout my research I ran […]

Module 4: Nugget 3

“Blogging should be conversational. It should be half baked. Or less. It should (in my case) contain typos –because it is not meant to be (IMHO) a published journal article- it is your own personal thinking, shared out loud. If you are spending that long writing a blog post, then you are wasting time. And […]

Module 3: Nugget 2

“2 The web is not the internet Although many people (including some who should know better) often confuse the two. Neither is Google the internet, nor Facebook the internet. Think of the net as analogous to the tracks and signalling of a railway system, and applications – such as the web, Skype, file-sharing and streaming […]