Module 3: Timeline

For my contribution to the timeline, I posted about the Trojan Room coffee pot (1991), the Web’s first viral video (1996), and the invention of the iPhone (2007). The iPhone is easily one of the most significant inventions of all time, not only because of the innovation that took part in creating the device, but […]

Module 2: “Nugget” Assignment

“The Internet is like sensation. The World Wide Web is like thinking. Or: The Internet transmits data of all kinds: text, images, sounds, moving pictures, etc. The World Wide Web is a newly powerful word (or medium of symbolic representation, or language) that allows us to imagine and create newly powerful n-dimensional representations of the […]

Module 1: Bio

Hello, my name is Roshaan and I’m a pre-med student at Austin College pursuing a degree in biology. After graduating from medical school, I aspire to become a successful surgeon with an emphasis in neurodegenerative diseases. I took this course so I could learn to give myself more of an independent presence online aside from […]