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As per assignment, I was instructed to do a vanity search of myself on the internet and the results were fairly interesting. It was interesting because I had believed myself to have a fairly limited presence on the web prior to this year, but upon searching, this was not the case. The first site that […]

Wandering Cyberspace for Outer Space

So for the next part of the website class I had to track my wanderings through the internet of something I’m interested in. So I decided to look up faster-than-light travel on Google. Here is where the breadcrumb trail led. First post to use the Read More feature. NASA Tau Zero … Continue reading Wandering Cyberspace for Outer Space

Associative Trails

  Should Schools Be Responsible for Childhood Obesity Prevention? – The Atlantic  Students Aren’t Eating Healthy School Lunches, Despite Availability; How Cafeterias Fail To Improve Student Health Schools, health literacy and public health: possibilities and challenges… Continue Reading →