Wandering Cyberspace for Outer Space

So for the next part of the website class I had to track my wanderings through the internet of something I’m interested in. So I decided to look up faster-than-light travel on Google. Here is where the breadcrumb trail led. First post to use the Read More feature. NASA Tau Zero https://tauzero.aero/about/who/ https://tauzero.aero/interstellar_organizations https://tauzero.aero/discoveries-log/getting-there/starship-designs/engineered-starships/ https://tauzero.aero/discoveries-log/getting-there/starship-designs/propulsion-ideas/ … Continue reading Wandering Cyberspace for Outer Space

Associative Trails

  Should Schools Be Responsible for Childhood Obesity Prevention? – The Atlantic www.theatlantic.com https://www.princeton.edu/futureofchildren/publications/docs/16_01_PolicyBrief.pdf www.princeton.edu  Students Aren’t Eating Healthy School Lunches, Despite Availability; How Cafeterias Fail To Improve Student Health www.medicaldaily.com Schools, health literacy and public health: possibilities and challenges… Continue Reading →

Module 1: Bio

Hello, my name is Roshaan and I’m a pre-med student at Austin College pursuing a degree in biology. After graduating from medical school, I aspire to become a successful surgeon with an emphasis in neurodegenerative diseases. I took this course so I could learn to give myself more of an independent presence online aside from […]

About the Author

This being my first website, I thought there was no better way to start than to introduce myself for the viewers. As the site implies, I am Ryan Knesek. I was born, raised and graduated from Frisco, Texas, but now reside in Sherman, Texas in order to attend Austin College in pursuit of a Business […]