Module 2: The Nugget Assignment

“Six years was a long time to be in jail, but it is an entire era online. Writing on the internet had not changed, but reading – or, at least, getting things read – had altered dramatically. I’d been told how essential social networks had become, so I tried to post a link to one […]

Josh Jones

My name is Josh Jones and I am a sophomore at Austin College. I am a Business Finance major and a Exercise and Sports Science minor. I was motivated to take the How the Web Works JanTerm because I would like to learn how to make and maintain a website. My hobbies are playing soccer […]

About Me…

My name is Kylee Fowler and I am a freshman here at Austin College. I am also a student-athlete at Austin College. I have not currently decided on what I want to major in quite yet. I want to minor in media studies, which is why this January term course interests me. Through this course […]


I was born in Sugarland Texas on August 11th, 1996. I moved to plano when I was two years of age and I’ve lived there ever since. I came to austin college in the fall 2014 semester intending on following the pre med path. In my free time I enjoy watching netflix shows, FIFA, and […]