First Post

Hi everyone!! My name is Nikita Patel and I am currently a sophomore at Austin College in Sherman, Texas. My academic interests are in the sciences, specifically biology and so the degree i want to pursue here at Austin College is in Biology with a minor in Public Health. I was motivated to take this […]

Video Games in Education

Keeping up the theme about improvements to education in the near future, I am shifting my focus to video games in education. Most in particular, the use of video games in the teaching of history. The problem with teaching history is the focus by its educators to “remember” history. The focus of teaching history should…

The Power to Change the Internet

I just finished watching John Naughton’s lecture “you can’t always get what you want”. In this lecture he talks about the evolution of media presentation. From radio, television, movies, and now the internet. These media have started as an open platform for development, but have always been taken over by innovative individuals who provide a…