“Nugget” Asignment

“Often when schools talk to students about their presence on the Web, they do so in terms of digital citizenship: what students need to know in order to use technology “appropriately.” Schools routinely caution students about the things they post on social media, and the tenor of this conversation — particularly as translated by the media — is often … Continue reading “Nugget” Asignment

Associative Trials

I spent an initial hour or so browsing through the internet about my interest which is medicine. I found the readings very interesting especially when I went from the basic evolution of medicine to the more specific readings on research for different forms of cancer which was, in my opinion the most enjoyable and interesting […]

Currently on the web

As per assignment, I was instructed to do a vanity search of myself on the internet and the results were fairly interesting. It was interesting because I had believed myself to have a fairly limited presence on the web prior to this year, but upon searching, this was not the case. The first site that […]