Digital Literacy in Society

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about Mozilla (and others) work on building up the literacy of the web. The work of these innovators primarily focuses on keeping the internet fair and open for all users. A particular point that caught my attention in their work was the focus on using the web for education in a more open and efficient manner. I’ve posted before about the importance of education in the future, but I’ve talked about digital literacy of the web. I got to thinking about technological literacy in an educational context. In a future where education focuses on web based social interaction with students and peers, the technology that will emerge and develop from this system may be unlike anything we’ve imagined. Because of this, I feel that there should be an increased focus on technology in this context. The relationship between these two (digital and technology literacy) will be incredibly important for future generations. The focus now is that there is important study into how the internet is being used, and studies and discussion about the future paths of developmental technology. I think an equally important field of interest is how the internet is being used on technology, and how technology is being affected by the internet and web.