Mass Updates

Hey everyone, check through some previous posts and look for edits that have been made. They should be easy to spot, but if not I’ll give you a quick list. Beauty and the Beast, 39 Clues, 5 Photo Repost, and Interactive Fiction. Most of what has been added are author’s statements.

DNN Remix Video

Here’s my remix video for Digital Networked Narratives. I tried using three different famous pieces of music over the same clips one after the other to create  three different ways of watching the same events. One to sound like a journey, one to sound like an epic fight, and the last to sound goofy … Continue reading DNN Remix Video

DNN Final Project

Finally! It is done! Sorry it took so long to get this out. Between school and the amount of editing this took, I’m just barely scraping in the deadline. Anyway, here is “The Chase.” An interactive fiction by yours truly. Fair warning, because YouTube is being mean right now some of the links to … Continue reading DNN Final Project

DNN 39 Clues Review

When I first experienced an ARG (Alternative Reality Game), I was young and had never even heard the term, yet I was fascinated by experiencing a story across multiple forms of media. This first ARG of mine, was the series of children’s books known as “The 39 Clues.” The 39 Clues is the story of … Continue reading DNN 39 Clues Review

DNN Pokémon Go Review

This review is going to be a little different than most, but if you want to be the very best like no one ever was, you got to step outside the norm. This is the phenomenon of Pokémon Go! I remember learning that this app was coming out back in early 2016. As a long time … Continue reading DNN Pokémon Go Review

DNN Design Prospectus

Here is the beginning of my final project for the final project of my Digital Networked Narratives class. Hopefully the “mindmup” link will let everyone see the story map. Log Line: The goal of this project is to combine videos, choose-your-own-adventure scenarios, and video games into an interactive video for free consumption by the … Continue reading DNN Design Prospectus

DNN Music Video

Hey everyone, this is another project for my DNN class. It’s a music video of footage compiled from my college’s Classic’s club Sword Fighting Tournament. I hope you all can easily watch the video and enjoy it! Keep it Reel!