Blogs beyond class

The following five blog websites are known to be the best at blogging about politics. Since my major is politics and business, I chose these blog websites because throughout my experience, I learned a lot from them. In some of my political science classes, I was given the opportunity to research about world affairs and political

The second nugget assignment

12 The web has unleashed a wave of human creativity Before the web, “ordinary” people could publish their ideas and creations only if they could persuade media gatekeepers (editors, publishers, broadcasters) to give them prominence. But the web has given people a global publishing platform for their writing (Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, Tumbler), photographs (Flickr, Picasa,


The three contributions to the timeline are: Wikipedia Facebook is created Twitter is created I think that the creation of Wikipedia is more important. Throughout the experiences that I had with high school and college, Wikipedia was a very helpful tool for me to research and learn about things. I think the same was applicable