We’ve Only Just Begun (Blog Connections Assignment)

The first blog I found is about an American’s Swiss experience: I would like to keep up/read more on this blog because I am currently applying to study abroad program in Switzerland. Something else I’m considering is where I want to live after college. A large part of me is considering living outside of America. […]


I am writing this for the “web assignment”, again. No worries! This is something new that I found useful myself. I came across an article about “Boomerang” on Coong Cụ… I know… It’s Vietnamese… But I guess you can just browse the page and look at the images. There are some other good tools too!…

Contributing to Wikipedia: A Lesson in Humility

It goes without saying that I’ve got a new appreciation for Wikipedia and its contributors. I could talk about how this experience went, but it’d just be a chronology of tears. Personally, I think learning to make changes to Wikipedia (without the headache) could be its own month long class, and it might be interesting. … Continue reading Contributing to Wikipedia: A Lesson in Humility