Google Translate Fail

Other than actually learning a language, Google Translate is the option that most people choose when trying to break the language barrier. Its great for getting the summary of an article, but should not be used in place of an actual translator (most of this is pretty well known for most patrons of the internet). […]

“Smarter Than You Think” Essay

“The history of factual memory has been fairly predictable up until now. With each innovation, we’ve outsourced more information, then worked to make searching more efficient. Yet somehow, the Internet age feels different. Quickly pulling up “Tori Amos” on Google seems different from looking up a bit of trivia in an encyclopedia. It’s less like […]

DS 106 assignment #2

Have you ever wanted to get into someones phone to mess with them or to see what they may be hiding from you? This simple video will teach you how to unlock someone’s iPhone without their password. Unfortunately, this will only work on and iPhone. ———————————————————————————————————————————– As you probably figured out from the video, that […]

Narrative Essay Assignment

This post will be a little more wordy than usual, but I will do my best to completely describe my thoughts and impressions when I was reading “Smarter Than You think”, by Clive Thompson. Anyway, the first point I’d like to bring across is regarding the consequences of having technology at our fingertips. We are […]