Conceptualization to illustrate the process of Globalization

Many scholars give numerous definitions and conceptualization to illustrated the process of Globalization across different historical period. However, out of all the definition and concept, “development” would be particularly the most suitable and widely believed driven force of the process of today’s Globalization. To begin with, we need to know the definition of globalization? As […]

Smarter than You think

Right after reading only a few chapter from this book change the whole perspective that I had. It helped me to understand better and improve my knowledge of understanding the relationship between technology and human brain. In this generation, technology is floating across the palms of humanity. As human brain become sharper and smarter, technology […]

Nugget Assignment 3

“The 5 Elements Of Working Out Loud” After reading the nugget passage from requirement reading, out of all, “The 5 Elements of working out loud” captivated my attention and enhance my perceptual views on every works that we do as in assigned or duty to achieve our purposes. Bryce Williams definition for “Working out loud” […]