Module 4: Knowledge Artifact

Necrotizing Fasciitis   My knowledge artifact is on something I’m extremely interested – medicine. My specific topic is necrotizing fasciitis, AKA flesh-eating disease. The extreme cases of medicine, such as flesh-eating virus, have always intrigued me so I decided to make a presentation on a specific instance of extreme medicine. Throughout my research I ran […]

Knowledge Artifact

E-commerce is the topic that I chose to discuss. This is my presentation using I chose this topic E-commerce because one day I want to establish E-commerce business in my country, which is why I started to do research on E-commerce little by little. As I already mentioned on one of my assignment, I […]

Module 4: Nugget 3

“Blogging should be conversational. It should be half baked. Or less. It should (in my case) contain typos –because it is not meant to be (IMHO) a published journal article- it is your own personal thinking, shared out loud. If you are spending that long writing a blog post, then you are wasting time. And […]