DS106 – 2: Find a Digital Tool

Have you ever been looking for a song on iTunes, Spotify, or Soundcloud so you can download it, but the only place you could find it is on YouTube? Well with the YouTube-to-mp3 converter, you can turn any YouTube video into a mp3 file so that you can finally put that song on your phone. […]

“Smarter Than You Think” Narrative

Thompson’s example of how a human/machine team would consistently beat a team of only computers or a team of only humans really exemplified how the world is today with technology. The symbiotic relationship between man and machine is what drives humanity forward to it’s next evolutionary stage. Symbiosis has been the driving force for evolution […]

Smarter than You think

Right after reading only a few chapter from this book change the whole perspective that I had. It helped me to understand better and improve my knowledge of understanding the relationship between technology and human brain. In this generation, technology is floating across the palms of humanity. As human brain become sharper and smarter, technology […]