DNN Design Prospectus

Here is the beginning of my final project for the final project of my Digital Networked Narratives class. Hopefully the “mindmup” link will let everyone see the story map. https://atlas.mindmup.com/2017/04/a5894fa024a611e788fc733a1a991a93/beginning_enter_ida_green_and_stairwell/index.html Log Line: The goal of this project is to combine videos, choose-your-own-adventure scenarios, and video games into an interactive video for free consumption by the … Continue reading DNN Design Prospectus

Module One (In Progress)

Star-Date: All Hallow’s Eve, 31 October 2016 Current situation: I’ve started this project so many times, only to have one thing or another replace its priority. This time is different. Why? This time I can fight through. One college class cannot kill me (college freshman mantra). Yes, there is the first of many skeletons that … Continue reading Module One (In Progress)

Academic Taste of Both Worlds

Flying away from home at the age of seventeen with no experience of living in another country, I doubted myself “Can I do it?” My friends said that international students would definitely struggle with home-sickness, friend-sickness, language barrier, cultural differences… whatever you can name. Those are realities. Those are inevitable. Is it worth spending a…

Scene 1, Take 2. First Thoughts

*Why is it important to consciously and reflectively construct our online or digital profile and identity? In the present day and age of 2016, technology has become so easily accessible and prevalent that the majority of my generation has some form of digital identity. This information referencing personal activities is available to peers, potential employers, … Continue reading Scene 1, Take 2. First Thoughts