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Hello everyone! My name is Keara Malone, I’m a freshman at Austin College, and welcome to the beginning of what will eventually become my blog. I lived in Nacogdoches, Texas all of my life, home of Stephen F. Austin and the Lumberjacks. Now I attend the only other college in Texas named after Stephen F. […]

Go in here!

My name is Adoba Yua, I am 18 years old and currently attend Austin College as a freshman. I moved from Nigeria to America 3 years ago, I attended Bishop Dunne Catholic school in Dallas Texas. I am a computer science major, I know how to write code in Java, Java script, HTML and CSS. … Continue reading

Browsing a Trail of Thought

For about an hour, I kept track of every link I clicked on and where it send me while I was browsing. The result is a picture of not only the path that I took on the internet, but also is reflective of my thoughts while I was browsing. What had started as a simple…